Shane Scott, tenor, is a preacher and professional talker. The quartet's self proclaimed "comedic genius" lends his mighty pen free of charge to the quartet as he crafts parody lyrics still resonating in the funny bones of all who are blessed to bear witness. Shane resides in Mount Pleasant with his wife Kristi.

Eddie Holt, lead, croons a melody as best as he can while adeptly dodging the advances of his many legions of fans. While Eddie is a webmaster for the Barbershop Harmony Society, avoiding the limelight and protecting his personal space is really his full time job. Eddie lives in Mount Juliet with his wife Laura and their two children, twins Owen and Olivia.

KJ McAleesejergins, baritone, works as a Regional director for the Harmony Foundation International where the gift of harmony is the mission and Youth In Harmony is the goal. KJ and his lovely wife Emily live in update New York where Emily performs with the prestigious official West Point band, and KJ mainly sits around dipping his food in ranch.

Mike O'Neill, bass, lives in Hendersonville with his wife Jenny and three daughters Katelyn, Kylie, and Kelsey. Mike enjoys a close head shave as much as anyone. Mike recently took a new job as the Director of Choirs at the prestigious Pope John Paul II High School in Hendersonville, having just spent the better part of a decade as an employee of the Barbershop Harmony Society in the music education department.