Shane Scott, tenor, is a preacher and professional talker. The quartet's self proclaimed "comedic genius" lends his mighty pen free of charge to the quartet as he crafts parody lyrics still resonating in the funny bones of all who are blessed to bear witness. Shane resides in Mount Pleasant with his wife Kristi.

Eddie Holt, lead, croons a melody as best as he can while adeptly dodging the advances of his many legions of fans. While Eddie is a webmaster for the Barbershop Harmony Society, avoiding the limelight and protecting his personal space is really his full time job. Eddie lives in Mount Juliet with his wife Laura and their two children, twins Owen and Olivia.

KJ McAleesejergins, baritone, is the newest staff member at Harmony Foundation International where the gift of harmony is the mission and Youth In Harmony is the goal. KJ and his lovely wife Emily serve in the National Guard on weekends jamming with their band, and there's no way to satiate his appetite for ranch.

Mike O'Neill, bass, lives in Hendersonville with his wife Jenny and three daughters Katelyn, Kylie, and Kelsey. Mike enjoys a close head shave as much as anyone. Mike works for the Barbershop Harmony Society as well, and travels the land far and wide unleashing his voluminous directorial training skills on unsuspecting choruses and quartets the world over.
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Old McDonald
7Tuesday, 20 May 2014 21:25
Michael Hausmann
Friend of mine at work told me about your "special" farm. Now I'm trying to teach it to my (grand)son. BTW, KJ looks like one of the news reporters from here in Dayton
Shane Scott
6Friday, 13 September 2013 21:32
Kelly Hutcherson
...Has anyone ever told you that you look like that guy from jurassic park?
Mike O'Neill
5Friday, 09 August 2013 13:51
Kelly Hutcherson
I think for one of your shows you should grow out your hair just to make the audience go 'What happened to O'Nezzy???'
...But of course I would be the only one who would know ;)
Keep up the awesome work!!
to the lunch break
4Sunday, 07 October 2012 08:07
natasha scofield
well first im from the fairmont wemon choir and i will like to thank kj for sing with me and my friends saturday,and thanks too the hole lunch break group for singing the winner song with us.
p.s u guys should come back to sing with use again please:)
from natasha from wemon chorus
3Saturday, 07 July 2012 01:04
Priscilla Shaw
You actually put that you like ranch dressing in your bio. Oh em gee!
National Anthem
2Monday, 28 May 2012 14:14
Nelson Click
I was cruising the net and accidentally stumbled across one of your vids on YouTube. It was good. I explored it further and further till I saw your National Anthem you performed in January. I played it at least 20 times. I was blown away how you fired the audience up. I was in awe how in 2 minutes you turned cold into hot.
1Saturday, 10 March 2012 17:43
Ed Hinklley
I was in the audience in Sarasota for your fine performance. I live in Georgia now but have been a member of the Chorus of the Keys for 57 years. My great love is writing and arranging since health issues have curbed my further singing. (bari)
I have a chart that you guys could really have fun with and since you are hairless you will enjoy "Careless/Hairless" parody .
The melody of course is to "Careless" which is legal. I could send you the chart and the quartet singing it. Shawn Thomas. If you're interested give me a jingle.

Ed Hinkley

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